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Services We Offer

Our main services that we offer are detailed below. Please feel free to get in touch for any further information.

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters can cause damage to your property which could be costly to repair. Annual cleans prevent buildup and stop potential damage occurring.

We can usually complete the clean from ground level as we use a state-of-the-art, high reach gutter vacuum system, which extends up to three stories.

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

Fascia & soffit cleaning not only maintains the appearance of your property, but also enables you to locate any potential issues and stop them from developing into serious problems. While uPVC is a very low maintenance, the surface can be stained by prolonged buildup of general dirt and debris.

We use a tailored jet-wash system which enables us to thoroughly clean the area whilst not damaging any vents.

Power Washing

Our power washing service covers all exterior surfaces. We can use our high-reach system to clean the exterior of uPVC guttering, and also our high power system to clean patios, driveways and paths.

Once the surfaces are clean, we then ensure all dirt and debris is cleaned from the surrounding areas and removed from site ensuring no future blockages to your drainage systems.

Window Cleaning

In most cases we use a ‘reach & wash’ system to clean both residential and commercial windows. The latest technology involved in the pure water system ensures that ALL contaminants are removed from the water before we clean so that no harmful chemicals are used.

The system can be used to access difficult to reach areas, eliminating risk to your property. We can also safely clean solar panels.

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